Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Unexpected

You could argue that a 20kg barrel jellyfish is entertaining in itself. But it’s Mango the dog doggy paddling in the background that truly makes this video clip. It’s unexpected, which is why it’s so brilliant. And it’s this element that makes people want to share the clip.

Mango’s cameo also provides a useful sense of scale, allowing us to fully appreciate the huge size of the tentacled creature pulsing in the foreground.

Good News

When we communicate a message, we ideally want to inspire some form of action. But getting people to act is difficult. Campaigners often try to shock people into leaping up from their sofas. But lately it seems that we have become somewhat shockproof. Could ‘doomsday’ messages be to blame? And is it about time that we delivered some good news?
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